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Eric Banatao, Principal


Dear EastLake Families,

Welcome to EastLake Elementary, the Home of the Eagles! We are proud to partner with you to provide our children a well-rounded, world-class education. We strive for continual improvement in the growth and development of children while ensuring a safe and nurturing environment.

A strong relationship between student attendance and student academic achievement exists; therefore, we encourage daily student attendance for maximized success. We believe that ALL students can achieve at high levels, and we believe that when ALL school stakeholders positively contribute to the learning of our children, student achievement is further ensured.

Our students and teachers work hard at learning each day, and we are very proud of their achievements. At home, consider reinforcing each day's learning by engaging your students in conversation regarding what they now know, and are able to do, as a result of each school day. It is important that each student can clearly articulate the day's learning goals and can communicate how they know they learned it. Allow students to demonstrate their learning by allowing them to show you their school work and to listen to them think through a process, or concept, aloud. Ask questions. When students reflect upon, and re-visit their learning, a deeper understanding of ideas can be enhanced.

We serve the families and students of EastLake. You are always welcome to school, and we encourage parent/community participation. Your time and volunteerism represent an invaluable resource and send a powerful message to children - we learn and work together. If you would like to volunteer, or may have resources to contribute, contact us.

Please call upon any of our staff if we can be of assistance, especially with information as to how we can best support our children. We value your input, and I am honored to collaborate with you as principal of EastLake Elementary School.

Dr. Eric Banatao,


Our Mission

Our mission at EastLake Elementary School is to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of the individual student. We are committed to integrating the resources of our education system, family, community and students. All children are encouraged to work to the best of their ability, thus promoting a productive, responsible citizenry with strong basic skills and a desire for learning.

Our Values

Be Respectful
Be Safe
Be Responsible